FAQ Mould and Condensation



Should you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss your specific problems. 

How is mould removal equipment installed?

2 people visit your property, one a certified electrical engineer to complete the electrical installation. A system is installed in a loft area if available, or a wall mount system is available for apartments etc.

How long does it take to install mould removal equipment?

Anything from 2 to 4 hours depending on the situation as all properties are different

Is there any disruption or mess?

There is very little mess as everywhere is covered and cleared before leaving the property. All precautions are taken to avoid a mess and generally, customers don’t know we have been!

What is the guarantee on mould removal equipment?

We offer a range of different systems suited to different applications and situations, however, every unit comes with a minimum of 5-year manufacturer-backed warranty for complete peace of mind. That said, we have fitted these systems for 15 years and have never had a failure yet!

Is mould removal equipment noisy and will it disturb sleep etc?

As the units fit in lofts and are ultra quiet, there is no noise noticeable and the outlet would be in the hallway or landing. In the case of wall mount, again extremely quiet, and would only be installed in bathrooms or non habited rooms

Will it treat my whole house?

Yes, one system will sufficiently treat up to a 5-bedroom house at various settings which are programmed at installation, however, we can offer larger systems for larger properties if required, and multiple units can even be used in very awkward buildings.

How does mould removal equipment work?

Every loft has a supply of fresh air, so air is passed from the loft via a thermostatically controlled low-energy heater that only takes the chill out of it and dries it, then passes that dry air throughout the property silently 24/7 365 days a year, with the only requirement being you keep all windows and doors closed as this becomes your only required source of fresh air.

A family member has allergies and asthma, does this system help?

Absolutely! The air is filtered for pollen and other contaminants, so the air has no dust, which reduces dusting around the home and significantly improves air quality and well-being within your home.

Our area has high Radon gas levels, does this help?

Absolutely! Radon gas is a naturally occurring poisonous gas that comes from the rock below us, and North Wales is known for higher than average readings, so fresh filtered air constantly pushing outwards through the property from the roof will reduce levels in a stagnant air situation.

Is a mould removal system expensive to run?

No- some of Our competitors quote figures of £16 a year running costs, however, that figure would be for a cold air supply only, a realistic cost for the tempered air system is £60 to £100 per year even with today’s increased energy costs, however, when the temperature in the loft rises above a pre-programmed setting, the system provides free warm filtered air from the loft which is known as heat gain.

Do filters need changing?

Manufacturers state 5-year filter service, however, that number is based on city environments where air quality is much worse than North Wales. We have never had to replace a filter assembly, at most they need washing out if they look dirty and replacements are very inexpensive (we offer a free 5-yearly inspection service if required)